Board Shorts

Boardshorts are polysester or nylon made, quick drying surf wear. They are light-weight, and designed to withstand wear and tear and help with the grip while on a Surfboard. They are also suitable for other water sports.

Boardshorts are usually strapped using a velcro fly attached to a strong waist-band. The waistband is also held together at the front with a lace-up tie to provide an added protection from being pulled out by the force of the wave. An authentic surfing boardshort also includes small pocket sealed with velcro and vented with a grommet for carrying miscellaneous utility articles.

Boardshorts are usually longer than normal shorts to protect the leg hairs from being ripped off by the surf wax applied on the surfboard. A long boardshort covers the back of the leg when sitting on the board, preventing the wax from ripping at the leg hair. The length of boardshorts according to fashion trends; range from mid-thigh to below the knee, covering the entire knee.