7S Rocket Fish 6'8"

7S Rocket Fish
7S Rocket Fish

The Super Fish XL has all of the features that make the Super Fish such a blast to ride but with the extra volume and length to be the perfect step down from a long board or a high volume big guy performance Fish! The reason for the success of the Super Fish XL is that it blends the same high performance surfing with wave catching ability as the Super Fish, with high volume under the chest that allows you to ride a shorter board than usual, while still raking in a high wave count. Add to that the performance low volume rail that lays over and cuts back like a performance short board with half the volume, and it’s a ripper anyone can ride! The single concave and low entry make the board super fast down the line and aid in early entry as well as getting up onto a quick plane for easy speed. The board also has the optional tri/quad fin setup and comes with all five fins so you can ride it either way! This is one of the most fun designs ever shaped and it comes in a size range for every surfer! Enjoy!!

Price: ₹36,000.00
6'8" No Stock
2 3/4"