NSP Rocket Fish 6'4''

NSP Rocket Fish
NSP Rocket Fish

The NSP Coco Mat Fish, is a small wave machine dedicated to delivering speed and fun in less than perfect conditions. This board features a unique blend of modernized Fish shaping and our new Coco Mat. The NSP Coco Mat Fish is a great cure for weak surf, and a "must-have" compliment to any quiver. The Fish has a low entry rocker design with a single concave that helps you get into a wave early and then gain speed. It has enough width and volume to paddle easily but a single bump swallow tail that will also hold in good surf and still feel loose when you want it. The NSP Coco Mat Fish is versatile enough to be ridden by novice surfers as you introduce them to surfing. It will also perform well as a travel board as it is tough enough to survive any trip.

NSP Coco Mat Fish is built using the world’s first patent pending surfboard construction using all natural coconut husk fibers. The coconut husk fibers provide an incredible strength to weight ratio, the end product being a beautiful natural looking surfboard that is light and strong.

The NSP Coco Mat Fish has a thruster fin configuration and comes with FCS M5 fins and a leash.

Price: ₹31,500.00
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